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Can siblings play on the same team?

Yes, as long as each child meets the appropriate age criteria. 

Can friends play on the same team?

While we receive many requests for friends to play with each other, TSAY prides itself in the fact that teams are formed on a random basis. We balance our teams by each child's age within each Division. By balancing teams based  on age, we increase the chance that teams will compete at the same skill level. If you truly desire to have your child play with a friend, one parent from each family must agree to coach the team. Please note this request on each registration form. This rule is enforced by SAY National our parent organization.

What day will my child have practice?

Practice schedules are left to the discretion of each Coach. TSAY will recommend the appropriate frequency of practices for each age group, but the day(s) and time are the decision of the Coach.

What days are the games played on?

A typical season will have games on Saturday and occasionally a weekday game. Weekday games will not start before 6pm. Because scheduling is done with four other districts other than Trotwood, we cannot predict with certainty the schedule until our Schedulers meet, two to four weeks before the season start. 


Where will I practice and play games?

TSAY will have all Little Kickers' games at Madison Park. Passers will play at Madison Park and at Ward Field in Englewood. All other divisions will play away games at Dayton, Englewood, or Northridge. All home games are played at Madison Park. Scheduling for practices are provided at Madison Park.


When will our Coach contact us?

Our volunteer coaches will contact you around the second week in July  and schedule a parent meeting with you.


I've never coached before. Can I coach a TSAY soccer team?

YES! We are continually looking to add to our "coaching pool". If you have a desire to learn and enjoy working with kids - you can coach.  We offer a series of pre-season coaching clinics to prepare you for your team sessions. Please notify us of your intent on your registration form.


I have additional questions concerning your program?

You can email TSAY via our website. Visit the "Contact Us" section and you will see email options.

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